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a month ago
I am looking for host families for exchange students who are waiting to hear they have an American family. Host families are only asked to provide a bed, meals with the family, your kindness, support, and to be treated as a member of the family. Host families come in all shapes and sizes and can be single individuals, retired; married with children, same sex couples – the list is endless. The students have all been screened and have their own health insurance and spending money. Let me introduce some of these amazing students who are excited to join your family. These students are interested to join a soccer team: YANTONG is a 15 year old boy from CHINA. I’m a positive and active Chinese boy. If you are interested in Chinese culture and tradition, just talk to me. I’ll bring much more happiness and laughter to your family. I hope to improve my English skills and learn more about American family’s lifestyle. I am fond of soccer games. I often play soccer with my friends once I have spare time. I’m a clever, warm-hearted and humorous boy and my friends love me. I love pets and I have a Garfield cat. I like traveling with family on holidays. I am willing to do some community services when I live with you. Jose Ramon is a 16 year old boy from SPAIN. I love international environments because I was born in Luxemburg and lived there for many years. I love outdoor activities and mainly sports. I’m a member of a soccer team, we train three times per week and on Saturdays we have the championship games. I also practice paddle and I train twice per week. I like spending time with my family (mainly my younger brother) and friends from school and sport teams. I like going to the movies, to travel with my family and school, to watch sports and to play sport video games from time to time. In school I try to be a reasonably good student. I am very excited about this opportunity to live a unique experience in the US, to share this experience with my American family and brother and sisters, and future friends. My dad had this experience in TN in and he always speaks about his American family and High School and I would love to have the same opportunity. Nitipat is a 17 year old boy from THAILAND. I’m friendly and positive thinking because I love to meet new people even I’m not good at conversation, and when I have bad situation I smile and find the way out. I’m healthy as I love to have an exercise such as running , cycling , soccer, and fitness for make me have a good weight. I also love to cook even I am bad at it, but I will try to cook because I want my host family to taste Thai foods. It’s so delicious. And thing that I love to play with pets because I have younger sister and she loves pets so she asked my mom to buy pets for her , now we have 4 dogs and 1 fat cat. I am looking forward to meeting you in the USA soon. Please message me or email me for more information.
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